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Little World Jewelry Company
Providing the stylish with jewelry and supplies since 1995.
Located in beautiful Southern California
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Since 1995, the creative team of Little World Jewelry Company have been serving the most innovative artists, craftspeople and collectors with beautiful, and sometimes rare and unusual, pieces of jewelry and jewelry making supplies.

The world in Little World Jewelry Company refers to our marketplace. We personally import from the four corners of the Earth, drawing inspiration from the entire world. Bringing you the most wonderful things we can find in over 26 countries and on 5 continents. Whenever possible we buy direct, supporting local craftspeople, thus supporting local economies, offering earning opportunities to otherwise disenfranchised, and nurturing the preservation of often ancient arts at risk of abandonment.

We're not trying to be heroes. We just believe that art of any kind has a value and deserves preservation, especially those that have been around a little awhile. Handmade, and often from unusual materials, our Exotics are the most incredible and rare, offering you a completely unique experience that will not only be a conversation starter, but will help support the arts all over the world.

Although we are an importer, we do not sell to large companies or wholesale warehouses, so please don't ask. We promise you, our individual customer, an inspiring selection of products that you will not see every day. This allows you to make beautiful works of art that express your true identity and style.

Our one-of-a-kind department offers the most rare and incredible beads, findings and completed pieces, for those who desire the very best the world has to offer.

Now grab a passport and our international shopping cart and get started.

Happy Shopping!
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